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HBUFC Supporters Club

Friday nights in Hout Bay are Football Nights, and our fans give us a massive edge over visiting teams. With a broad fan base across all the cultures of the village, and even abroad, we introduced the HBUFC Supporters Club in 2020.

It’s an effort to give our loyal fans great opportunities to interact with the team, and feel like a part of our community, as well as being an income generator for the Club.

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Uniting our community through the beautiful game

Football is the magical gateway bringing us together. Breaking down barriers and building trust. We work closely with our beneficiaries and their families on our programmes over many years across all aspects of their lives. HBUFC is a protective bubble. A family support network that’s constant and stable.

A positive influence throughout the life journey of our beneficiaries. Our goal is every individual finding health, fulfillment, employment and community spirit. Eventually giving back into the network offering guidance and mentorship themselves into our community to help build a better future.